Outdoor Lighting at its Best

Outdoor Lighting at its best


It is not so much what the fixture looks like but what you can do with the fixture. It is obvious strategic and correct placement is imperative but also knowing the capabilities of the bulb, its photometric beamspray, color and intensity inherit with its label is paramount. Correct lighting design highlights the effects of the source thus making the source itself secondary. Beauty, usefulness, safety, security and emotion are the positive attributes of a proper lighting design.

Outdoor lighting at its best. These low voltage going green fixtures form Cast-Lighting are phenominal.

Outdoor lighting bringing security and safety to Fairfield County Properly designed and controlled, Night lighting can be the best investment a homeowner can make.

Landscape lighting in Connecticut Cast fixtures durable and beautiful.

Outdoor lighting control and automation create night time scenes and control outdoor lighting with an inside controller

Landscape lighting installation and automation Let me show you just how good your house looks at night

Home automation allows you to turn lights on inside and out from Remote Controller Award winning outdoor lighting designer Michael Gotowala has been able to portray this vision to hundreds of clients. To be able…

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