Landscape Lighting Designer Michael Gotowala shows us a night time scene that we all would admire


Preferred Properties Landscape Lighting excells throughout the night

Let me show you just how good your house looks at night

Preferred Properties Landscape lighting designer Michael Gotowala highlights some of the challenges illuminating this unbelievable detailed home.  Unlike other exteriors this home has a combination of stone and Azac siding. Quite graceful yet appealing from all sides create challenges with the location of the fixtures to complete the scene. One of the advantages of our lighting design is that we are familiar with the plant materials, landscapes,  hardscapes and how all should appear lit at night. The harmony of the architecture of the house is imperative to be lit correctly with the right color, contrast and beamspray of each luminaire. The coheshion of all these elements put in balance amongst the fixture location is the key to an award winning lighting design. Fixture choice and illumination highlighting focals and other elements in the landscape create the forefront for the house. Lots of information can be found on our site. OUTDOOR LIGHTING DESIGN


Our lighting approach is coupled with an evaluation of the landscape and many times we add elements, islands, focal plants and trees to create depth in the landscape. Certain techniques are used to front light, back light and cross light certian focal trees in the landscape. The vistas and point of view need to be determined and understood even if not present at the time of installation. These thoughts and nursery improvements are best handled by a Landscape Nursery professional. One of  the advantages we have is that we operate out of a landscape nursery and have horticultural specialists to show the potential lighting customer the importance of these focal trees and specimen plants. Lots of interesting plants are admired during the day and not apparent at night.

Preferred Properties Lighting process includes eight seasons -both four seasons day and night. Lots of special night time scenes are during snow covered evenings, colorful fall foliage events, spring and summer color blooms. The best designers create night time scenes with no glareback.

Go to to see night time scenes with no glareback. This means incorporating the desired night time scene with the existing post and porch lights. Many times these fixtures have the brightest possible bulb with clear vision of the bulb itself. A true no no. Techniques to fix this is to frost the lens, use frosted bulbs, take out some of the bulbs diminishing the brightness, and probably the most time consuming is to put this fixtures and other line voltage fixtures on dimmers.  These efforts make the most sense when trying to perfect the lighting design.

You can see the efforts here by dimming the garage lights to blend in with the landscape lighting.

Night lighting scene designed by Michael Gotowala


See the cross lighting technique on this Blue Atlas Cedar with stone siding backdrop. The blue ish texture of the Atlas creates interest against the wallstone and Green holly hedging.

A great stone fireplace now looks even better at night



One of the challenges for the front portico was the ability to get light up on the top peaks with shadowing or leaving a black hole. The ability to hide the wire up the gutter and come out on the top in the upper porch gave us greater flexibility to illuminate the all important area above the front door. This trade secret was taught to me by Unique Lighting specialist Nate Mullen on a job in Delaware.

Corrective pruning keeps the plant materials in an ideal scenario for optimal lighting performance. We had to trim back the hydrangea against the stone chimney for best results. Lots of thought and vision goes into each lighting design.


Wall techniques such as this strifing seen below makes the wall look well lit in the landscape.


Look closely at this incredible scene. The evergreens seem to glisten from all sides. The deciduous trees are lit from the bottom up and moon lighting gives you the romantic feel.

Park like setting


One of my favorite looks are the giant Oaks. They look so realistic and creates depth and reflectance in the side and back yards. This is truly an amazing night time scene.


Let Me show you just how good your house looks at night.

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  1. An absolutley beautiful home and great family to work for. We were so proud to be able to bring this home into the next dimension with night time illumination that really portrays this outstanding home. Preferred Properties Landscape lighting designer Michael Gotowala goes over some of the challenges to get this night time scene to shine. An award winning lighting concept to insure an absolute seamless blend of illumination from inside out. A great scene to look at. Go to to see more

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