Preferred Properties Landscape lighting designer shows us a most advanced lighting job

Preferred Properties Landscape lighting techniques have  excelled over the seasons as their comprehension and vision not only incorporates four seasons , but eight seasons both day and night.  The ability to illuminate the night without glareback or inconsistencies are first priorty with a Professional Outdoor Lighting design.


The challenges with this landscape setting is that the landscape plantings have reached their spacial maturity. What we did is order special sized stems to hold the hi hats.  This worked out well and the homeowner was thrilled with the demo like above ground installation.


You can see the xtra high risers specially designed for the walkway.

IMG_2913The secret to this Night time scene is to start at the peaks and glance down. The columns

are brilliantly illuminated.  The uplighting of the Kousa Dogwood grouping is an integral

part of the landscape. The sizable plant materials are resolved by sod cutting and extending the  planting bed in front of the mature plantings. The selected plant materials were pruned

to provide access to critical areas for fixture placements throughout the landscape. Also the

advantage of the larger mature plant materials is ability to use the foliage to hide the glare

from the luminaires.

Look at the balance and yet interest of contrast from the graceful arching plant materials up against the foundation. This shot is quite the picture showing how hard it was to reach the top peaks without much shadowing.


The fixures chosen were by Unique lighting.  Some of my favorite fixtures are area bullets that when properly placed can reached the chimney.

What are you waiting for Let us show you just how good your house looks at night.


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