Preferred lighting designer Michael Gotowala shows us the “preferred moonliter” 16 Watt LED low voltage tree light fixture.








Preferred Properties Lightingg designer Michael Gotowala sheds the light on this LED TREE LIGHT PROTOTYPE.

THE PREFERRED MOONLITER LOW VOLTAGE LED TREE LIGHT should phase in quite nicely. This par 35 led Low voltage  tree lite has great diversity in keeping with the design, greater flexibility with installation,  upto 65% less energy consumption,  and extended bulb life of over 10 Years making it the ideal choice for down lighting And moon Lighting applications with all types of fixtures. The preferred moonliter Can replace existing tree lights, no longer favorable mercury vapor lights and other types of fixtures.  The preferred low voltage moonliter is a prototype replica of its bigger line voltage brother.  Both LED TREE LIGHTS are sensible choices for the going green conscious consumer.

The best of both worlds can happen when the preferred moonliter lands in the hands of the award winning lighting designer Michael gotowala of preferred Properties landscaping.    Michael’s passion and vision for how the landscape and hardscape should appear lit at night comes naturally for the landscaping designer. In his tool box not only lies award winning lighting strategies but complete knowledge of plants and trees. As the nursery man installs plantings, he is already adept on shining light in various beam sprays and intensities at just the right amount to create harmony and coheshion in the lighting design.  Proper illumination without dark holes or glareback are obvious technical guidelines.  But knowing why to light,  what to light, and actually how much light goes much farther beyond electrical needs.

Michael Gotowala is one of the very few licensed in the state of ct with a low voltage L5 license who also is competent in Landscape design. Landscape lighting is just one facet of his company services that are offered to his clients. Preferred Properties Landscaping and Masonry have over two decades of design build experience. Their staff runs the gamut from horticulturalists, accredited Nursery men, landscapers, plantsmen, garden center specialists, Masons, stone setting tradesmen, paver setters, Outdoor kitchen Builders, Landscape designers and lighting specialists. Michael Gotowala can help you create, design, invision,budgetize, manage and build the Preferred lifestyle you so deserve.   Preferred Properties latest outdoor kitchen, stone fireplace and Poolscape is Hgtv ready. Go to to see more.

Want to see the preferred led low voltage moonliter in greater detail?  Go to

You Can email Michael at

Beauty, usefulness, safety, security, emotion and now the likeliness of the Preferred led moonliter will be in all his award winning designs.  Michael is a member of the AOLP. ASSOCIATION OF OUTDOOR LIGHTING PROFESSIONALS.

Michael has earned top notch awareness as a lighting award recipient the last two out of three years voted from members of the Aolp association and staff.

About THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE Cheshire, CT. & Southampton, NY

"A Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen celebrates the lifestyle of the owners"- Michael Gotowala founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE by Preferred Properties. -2016 Awarded by The Outdoor Room as ONE of BEST TOP 30 OUTDOOR ROOMS. -2019 Finalist in Design Excellence by Hearth & Home. -26 Outdoor Kitchens featured nationally in publications. Hard cover book BEST SIGNATURE OUTDOOR KITCHENS. Selected on panel of EXPERTS Hamptons Magazine. 2016-Connecticut's BEST in OUTDOOR KITCHENS featured on HOUZZ. 2016-Radio talk show host Hamptons Outdoor Kitchen FABULOUS. 2020-Author of Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous. OUTDOOR LIGHTING PROFESSIONAL. 2008- AOLP AWARD OF LIGHTING RECOGNITION. 2010- AOLP AWARD OF LIGHTING SPECIALIST. OUTDOORLIGHTINGDESIGN.COM OUTDOORKITCHENS.COM
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