Outdoor living life of luxury , marble flooring and outdoor kitchen construction phase

In this outstanding marble flooring patio project, I had to interpret the homeowner’s napkin drawing to envision their sense of outdoor living and entertaining.
The best way to do this was to overlay the anticipated thought of the homeowner onto the perception of a realistic drawing incorporating an outdoor living lifestyle sought after. The upgrades of the Marble was a big decision as the homeowner’s first intended to keep the original Brick pavers that needed maintenance.
Secondly I used marking paint to help the homeowner’s visualize that the existing size of the patio was not suitable for the amentities of an outdoor kitchen island, beverage island and fire pit.
So after some back and forth the project began. Here is the construction phase of this ultimate outdoor living project. In this particular project the construction phase had to be completed with the most tedious construction practice in mind. Its in the meticulous workmanship and fabulous design that makes Living fabulously beyond the walls of your home fabulous. Outdoor Living designer Michael Gotowala principle for Preferred Properties Lsc. shows here while living outdoors and living fabulously outdoors are two separate things, that they can ultimately be distinguishable. We build the “Preferred Lifestyle you so deserve”.

Outdoor living project before the upscale project begins

Patio redo to celebrate the family time spent outdoors  before Pic

Outdoor patio redo to better illustrate the hottest trends outdoors enabling life lived fabulously

Outdoor pic before the stone and marble firepit

Outdoor living space before construction of marble patio with outdoor kitchen and firepit.



Outdoor kitchen island preparation including drainage, elect, and gas lines





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2013-08-20 12.59.52

2013-08-20 13.00.03

2013-08-20 13.00.08

2013-08-20 13.01.02

2013-08-20 13.02.14

2013-08-20 13.04.01

2013-08-20 13.05.25

2013-08-20 13.05.28

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