Outdoor living should look, feel, entertain and taste fabulously too.

There is so much more beyond grilling to celebrate life with outdoors. As an Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous designer, the EVO grill comes to mind first and foremost for numerous reasons beyond its versatility. The Evo allows the interaction of Outdoor living with eating healthy. Not much culinary expertise is needed to be able to do satisfy the appetites of your friends and family. Depending on the intent of the Outdoor Kitchen island, the EVO surpasses most on culinary venues such as breakfast, lunch time sandwiches, evening Skewers and Hibachi. The Evo can even work hand in hand with the flame throwing grill to prepare the greatest of side dishes and vegetables to go along with your favorite barbecue chicken and steaks right off the grill.

Outdoor Living should look, feel, entertain and taste Fabulous too.

Outdoor Living should look, feel, entertain and taste Fabulous too.

Shown below is an EVO grill island custom built with stand up surround Azul double laminate granite counters used specifically for a breakfast nook and Hibachi island to celebrate food, fun and life outdoors with friends and family.

2014-07-31 21.39.16

The EVO Grill has become the hottest trend in outdoor culinary. The Secret to the success of the EVO is that it has a 30″ ceramic cook top with even heat coming from underneath so the EVO can cook, boil, steam or fry just about any culinary dish you enjoy to prepare indoors on your cooktop.  


Outdoor living fabulously with the EVO is great for celebrating with friends and family enjoying an intimate dining experience or full throttle for larger catered parties.

Outdoor living fabulously

The Evo island location in this particular outdoor living fabulously setting is situated on the lower level closest to the outdoor fireplace and nearby the pool. A swim up hibachi island for great mid afternoons poolside or doubling up as a morning breakfast nook.

As evening approaches and the mesmerizing fire pulls people to meander over by the fire. The appetites of many grow and culinary delights come off the EVO five star.

2015-06-30 13.21.01

This amazing fully equipped Outdoor Kitchen island under an open air pavilion is the focal for outdoor living fabulously. The choice locale of the Outdoor Pavilion satisfies swimmers, sun worshippers and creates a destination for friends and family to come up and sit up by the bar on the opposite of the EVO grill or along the sink side. A warm and welcoming spot.

2015-06-30 13.21.12

Subtle outdoor kitchen design ideas like a low profile cabinet allows the EVO grill to be sunken in for ease of use and low profile design for a great  view of the pool.

Outdoor Kitchen designer Michael Gotowala founder of the OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE by Preferred Properties recognized on Houzz com as Connecticut’s BEST IN OUTDOOR KITCHENS

2015-06-30 13.21.29

Not feeling fabulous about your outdoor living space? Add an outdoor kitchen island. Add an Outdoor EVO island and truly expand your outdoor culinary experience. Your friends and family will love eating outdoors more than ever before.

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The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store Connecticut and Southampton.

The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store Connecticut and Southampton.

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