Eat Smart, Eat Outdoors and Feel Fabulous

Eat Smart, Eat Outdoors and Feel Fabulous says Outdoor Kitchen Designer Michael Gotowala founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE

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It’s whats under the grill that makes outdoor burgers and chicken their best. But what if you had a different type of grill? A complete outdoor kitchen ensemble that allows you to prepare healthy meals by choosing methods beyond grilling. There is a variety of grills and outdoor appliances that enable you to cook, steam, broil and sear fresh seafood, vegetables, side entrees and more. The type of Outdoor cooking equipment you would only envision at a resort or country club.

(pictured above is) The Outdoor Kitchen Collection of modular outdoor Kitchen islands designed by Michael Gotowala founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE.

Look no further as the trend to Outdoor Eating and dining has gone fabulous. The trend to eating outdoors has splurged into residential backyards in all regions of the country.
Pick up an industry magazine such as Hearth And Home Magazine and see for yourself what Professionals are designing and creating for their clients.

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Michael Gotowala chosen  by Hearth and Home Magazine as one of the top in Outdoor Kitchen Design ideas.

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This Outdoor Kitchen Entertains Fabulously and Cooks smart too.

OUTDOOR FOOD PREPARATION AND PRESENTATION JUST BECAME FABULOUS. Outdoor Kitchens that are well equipped with the latest Outdoor appliances, lots of storage, thought for bar and beverage and gathering places too. All this built in Stone? Heck yes!

The growing trend of designing Luxury Outdoor Kitchens is best fulfilled by professionals. It is a specialized trade with only a select few Outdoor Kitchen Design builders who can design, create and conclude with an Outdoor Kitchen that appeals to the homeowner in both Lifestyle and outdoor kitchen intent.


Eating outdoors leads to a healthy lifestyle. Imagine yourself strolling out to the pool and within feet nearby open the refrigerator and begin to prepare omelets for breakfast. Luncheons with friends starting with Chicken Bacon Avocado bites, handful of snap peas, Fresh bowl of strawberries and perhaps a glass of wine. Aww, a lifestyle we all can learn to live with. Dining outdoors fabulously recharges the mind and soul.

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Presentation entices temptation shown below with red bell peppers, cucumbers, carrot sticks, select cheeses, fruits and yogurt dip on a platter at a nearby hibachi island. The stone and granite Evo grill fires up seafood, shrimp and skeweres after the appetizers are gone. The stand up stone and granite island invites guests to have conversation and join the party with others.


“A rewarding quality of life celebrated with friends and family outdoors is our signature to every outdoor kitchen we build.” – says Gotowala founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE.


Ofcourse everyone loves pizza. A greater romance when you taste it outdoors personalized with your favorite toppings such as tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken, basil, peppers and fresh cilantro. Home made and made to order in your own backyard with all the freshest and healthiest ingredients. The results is ready within minutes as these Outdoor pizza ovens are pretty much perfected old world style. Go ahead invite some friends and mingle with everyone’s favorite toppings. Always a great time spent outdoors with friends and family.2015-07-03 08.33.57

Michael Gotowala and his staff at The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store by Preferred Properties installed this WOODSTONE HOME OVEN into the side wall of the pool house of this Connecticut residence. Outdoor ovens are all so popular with pizza, but these stars of the outdoor kitchen can also finish off filet mignon, bake breads, make cookies, roast pork shoulders and more.

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No longer is it the best taste that summer has to offer. Outdoor cooking and dining outdoors fabulously doesn’t end anymore with the summer season. It bursts right through into fall and the holiday season too. A plethora of cooking, dining and entertaining fabulously. With some design provisions, an Outdoor Kitchen can host some of your favorite parties and most memorable moments outdoors. Outdoor dining and entertaining can surely be year round.

With over 26 Outdoor Kitchens featured nationally in popular magazines, The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store is a creative go to resource for luxury Outdoor Kitchens. “Its refreshing to offer a one stop shop for designing and building Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous lifestyles.”- Michael Gotowala Connecticut-Hamptons

The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store Connecticut and Southampton.

About THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE Cheshire, CT. & Southampton, NY

"A Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen celebrates the lifestyle of the owners"- Michael Gotowala founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE by Preferred Properties. -2016 Awarded by The Outdoor Room as ONE of BEST TOP 30 OUTDOOR ROOMS. -2019 Finalist in Design Excellence by Hearth & Home. -26 Outdoor Kitchens featured nationally in publications. Hard cover book BEST SIGNATURE OUTDOOR KITCHENS. Selected on panel of EXPERTS Hamptons Magazine. 2016-Connecticut's BEST in OUTDOOR KITCHENS featured on HOUZZ. 2016-Radio talk show host Hamptons Outdoor Kitchen FABULOUS. 2020-Author of Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous. OUTDOOR LIGHTING PROFESSIONAL. 2008- AOLP AWARD OF LIGHTING RECOGNITION. 2010- AOLP AWARD OF LIGHTING SPECIALIST. OUTDOORLIGHTINGDESIGN.COM OUTDOORKITCHENS.COM
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