“What are you waiting for build that Outdoor Kitchen”- Michael Gotowala, founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE. Gotowala is an award winning design builder of FABULOUS OUTDOOR KITCHENS AND REWARDING LIFESTYLES.


Outdoor Kitchens are no longer a trend. Outdoor Kitchens and the surrounding social arena of entertaining outdoors are here to stay. A FABULOUS OUTDOOR KITCHEN celebrates the lifestyle of the owners and many memorable calendar events can be shared outdoors with friends and family.  Whether you like to entertain, cook or simply like to be outside the Outdoor Kitchen becomes the dominant player for anchoring friends and family together.  Unlike indoor dining where it seems all family members get their food plates and scatter, Outdoor dining and eating does just the opposite.

Food just seems to taste better when cooked outdoors. Many of the food choices that are prepared indoors now can be had outdoors. Life beyond the hood of the grill. A great outdoor kitchen has three main components inherit in its design. The burners or heat sources, wash and storage. The social aspects are food preparation, cooking and conversation. A small Outdoor Kitchen can even make a large impact on outdoor living with friends and family.



So how much space do you need to build an OUTDOOR KITCHEN?

The best way to visualize how much space you need to build an outdoor kitchen is to mimic the footprint of your indoor kitchen. Start with a 36″ or 42″ Grill and add 2-3 feet on both sides of the grill. This will give you plenty of platter space and food trays of finished foods. Ask yourself are you right or left handed. Also make sure to position the grill so that it is indeed part of the mainstream of the outdoor kitchen, too many times people dish the grill and griller man off into the woods. Depending on your outdoor kitchen intent you may add another power burner off to the side and even a flat cooktop to expand your menu of lite fare to include eggs, pancakes, crepes, french toast, sandwiches, seafood, fajitas, steak and much more.


Considering to add another wing off the grill run may include a beverage center with refrigerators, trash pulls and storage underneath. This combination sets up for a large sprawling countertop for socializing and connecting with others while sitting close by to the action. This leg can be connected in an L shape or Horshoe configuration.

Lastly the sink or wet area of the outdoor kitchen should be considered carefully. The plumbing and water runs are at times the most challenging and easily handled if this area was up against the exterior wall of the home aligning the plumbing of the outdoor kitchen sink and beverage center to connect inside and below the indoor sink you already have in the indoor kitchen. Running water is a great attribute and convenience to the outdoor world.


Did you know that by building an outdoor kitchen you practically double the space of your indoor kitchen. For those of you wishing and hoping your indoor kitchen was so much more. You can only hope to add on to the indoor kitchen but barriers exist like space, resources and time. So carefully plan out your OUTDOOR KITCHEN to be all it can be. Have a professional Outdoor Kitchen Specialist give you insight on your outdoor kitchen design. Choose your outdoor Kitchen designer as carefully as you would your grill.


For More Great Outdoor Kitchen ideas go to our site http://www.OutdoorKitchenDesigner.com

We are a one stop resource for design build of Outdoor Kitchens. Our outdoor kitchen market place OutdoorKitchens.com is an e-commerce site for grills and outdoor kitchen appliances, beverage coolers, cabinets and such.

If you want to chat more about FABULOUS OUTDOOR KITCHENS reach out to us

We want you to be more successful Outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous,

Michael Gotowala founder of

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About THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE Cheshire, CT. & Southampton, NY

"A Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen celebrates the lifestyle of the owners"- Michael Gotowala founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE by Preferred Properties. -2016 Awarded by The Outdoor Room as ONE of BEST TOP 30 OUTDOOR ROOMS. -2019 Finalist in Design Excellence by Hearth & Home. OutdoorKitchenDesigner.com -26 Outdoor Kitchens featured nationally in publications. Hard cover book BEST SIGNATURE OUTDOOR KITCHENS. Selected on panel of EXPERTS Hamptons Magazine. 2016-Connecticut's BEST in OUTDOOR KITCHENS featured on HOUZZ. 2016-Radio talk show host Hamptons Outdoor Kitchen FABULOUS. 2020-Author of Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous. OUTDOOR LIGHTING PROFESSIONAL. 2008- AOLP AWARD OF LIGHTING RECOGNITION. 2010- AOLP AWARD OF LIGHTING SPECIALIST. OUTDOORLIGHTINGDESIGN.COM OUTDOORKITCHENS.COM
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